Dine Arounds

This year we are doing dine arounds! Innovative is providing shuttle busses to 4 local restaurants. Each of the restaurants will have a host - one of our keynote speakers who will also be starting the day's sessions on Tuesday. If you are participating, please meet at the conference registration desk at 4:45pm.

Waiting list Shakespeare's Pizza - Hosted by Keynote Speaker Erin Dorney


Shakespeare's is kind of a big deal. If you want quality pizza and a not at all formal atmosphere, this is probably it. 

Waiting list Sophia's - Hosted by Keynote Speaker Bonnie Tijerina


Sophia's is classy but casual. Words like "Aragosta" and "Grigliata", but also "Nachos" and "Pizza"

Waiting list Bleu Restaurant & Wine Bar - Hosted by Keynote Speaker Rick Anderson


Also classy but comfortable, they've got lots of fun cocktail options!

Waiting list Broadway Brewery - Hosted by Susan DiRenzo Ashby


Great beer and a menu focused on local and seasonal items.