Collections: Development, Managment & Access

[Keynote] Developing the Collections Hub: Making the Most of Your Networks

This talk will outline paths collection management librarians can utilize to address the acquisitions and management of library materials. Collection managers have robust and extensive networks of talented colleagues, who help enrich and vitalize the daily operations and processes undertaken at any given library. Jill Emery will present ways in which collection managers can leverage these networks to enhance and strategize better information communication both within and outside the library.

Supporting Rapidly Growing Online Programs in Changing Times

In May 2012, Maryville University launched two online graduate Nursing programs.  Eighteen months later, 1,700 students from across the United States were enrolled as online-only students in these programs.   Two additional Nursing graduate programs are going online as well as an MBA program.   Concurrently, Library space is being reconfigured to accommodate student support services from other areas and to provide more learning spaces for students.    With less space for physical collections and more students to support, we are trying to find a way to provide better research support for all

Media on the Move : A/V lending to MOBIUS patrons

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In Fall 2013, East Central Collge Library and St. Charles Community College Library started lending DVDs, CD audiobooks and Music CDs to Archway and MOBIUS patrons.   ECC Library had been lending DVD and CD formats through OCLC ILL and their satellite campuses for many years. 

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Oh Say Can You CCM? Prospects for MOBIUS Cooperative Collection Management

The purpose of the MOBIUS Cooperative Collection Management Task force is to explore and assess various CCM opportunities and issues -- current, near-term, and long-term; raise awareness, evaluate, and make recommendations regarding these CCM opportunities and issues as they pertain to MOBIUS, MOBIUS members, and the user population; report back to the MOBIUS Board and to the MOBIUS Membership about productive, efficient ways by which MOBIUS can expand and accelerate its CCM activities.

Fun Books Now Available: Developing Recreational Reading Collections at Two Small Academic Libraries

Academic libraries should meet the research, informational, and recreational reading needs of their constituents. Ideally, students, faculty, and staff can rely on their library’s resources for class and work projects and for after-hours entertainment, enlightenment, and education. Yet libraries that do not already provide popular materials face challenges in developing a diverse collection of fiction and nonfiction that will be popular with faculty, staff, and students’ divergent reading interests.

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