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What We Learned at the Academic Library Directors Symposium (ALDS)

The Academic Library Directors Symposium is held annually to provide information about future directions of Innovative's platforms (InnReach, Sierra, Encore EDS, mobile apps, and more). We will discuss what we learned & experienced & how we plan to put parts into practice. The symposium cover topics such as: The Challenging Information Consumer, Sierra as Library Services Platform Today and Tomorrow, Getting the Most out of Sierra with REST APIs, and Inspiration Architecture: The Future of Libraries.

Pulp Non-Fiction

In an ideal world leaders plan for change, but in the real world we are often forced to react to changes imposed upon us.  In Fall 2013, librarians at the University of Missouri realized that their secondary off-site storage facility, holding 600,000 volumes, was infested by mold.  We knew immediately that remediating and keeping all of the materials would be unrealistically expensive.  At the same time, the magnitude of what could be involved in making decisions about what to keep felt overwhelming.  The list of issues to resolve seemed to grow exponentially each day and so did the list of

Leading Change in Staff Recognition and Professional Development

In the summer of 2013, UMKC Libraries adjourned the Organizational Development Task Force, charged with investigating the needs for staff recognition and professional development for the Libraries. In particular, the task force was focused on determining areas of need for training and best practices for making training opportunities accessible to library staff, for recognizing and celebrating library staff, and to make recommendations for the long-term coordination of recognition and professional development for Libraries’ staff.

Using Online Management Systems to Collaboratively Manage and Organize Projects

New technologies for facilitating project management are constantly emerging.  Not all of these options are within library budgets, but other options have little to no out of pocket cost.  With the goal of creating a one-stop, easily navigable project document repository and communications hub—without using funds from the library’s budget—librarians at Rockhurst began investigating online management systems.  This session will present a short overview of currently available project management systems and their uses, as well as a discussion of our decision making and planning processes, the

From ‘No Way’ to ‘Wow’: Leveraging the power of student workers to get projects moving

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Like other libraries, Southwest Baptist University Libraries has had many good and important projects that never seemed to get started. Over the last three years, our librarians and staff have started leveraging our student worker time in new ways in order to make progress in many different areas. We have used our students for weeding projects, marketing initiatives, reference transactions, data entry, and archives work. For a small investment in librarian or staff time setting up the activities, we are seeing a lot of progress on many previously neglected or stalled projects.

Wanna Get Away? Is a Sabbatical in Your Future?

Julie Portman (Fontbonne University) and Genie McKee (Maryville University were awarded sabbaticals to take time off from their library responsibilities to pursue independent research.  Julie Portman cataloged lithographic objects at the Prints and Drawings Department of the Art Institute of Chicago and Genie McKee toured innovative and traditional libraries in the United Kingdom.

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