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On Your Mark - Planning Your Market Plan

Marketing is more than a few flyers and tweets.Marketing is all about connecting a particular product or service with a particular audience. Marketing requires a well fleshed out and well executed plan for the product or service to be marketed. It requires an understanding of the target market. A good plan should also identify organizational strengths and opportunities as well as organizational weaknesses and challenges. A plan will lay out a strategy and tactics most relevant for the audience.  And lastly a good market plan includes ways to measure effectiveness and results.

Preparing to Flip: Designing Flipped Instruction

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Flipping instruction involves dividing instruction between a face-to-face environment and a virtual environment so that high-value content can be spotlighted in the classroom, and students can gain background at their pace online. This session highlights two tools, and thoughts for merging the two worlds. The functionality of Adobe Presenter and Captivate are discussed as tools for creating online material, and some less expensive alternatives are introduced.

Not Your Ordinary Library Collections

Missouri Southern has acquired several unique collections and chosen to highlight them to our users in various ways. Most of these materials are available for checkout through SWAN and MOBIUS and often we are the first or only institution within SWAN or MOBIUS to own the items.

Currently, we have had the following unique collections:

User-Centered Design

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Libraries purportedly operate with our users’ needs and desires in mind, but how do we know what those needs and desires really are? The University of Missouri-Kansas City Libraries are committed to observing user behavior and collecting data to inform the design of virtual and real-world services and spaces to meet user needs.

Get Your Act Together: Creating a Simple, Realistic Library Marketing Plan

Marketing professionals spend years in school to learn the proper way to develop a marketing plan. How are library staff supposed to figure it all out in 45 minutes? We won’t delve into the nitty-gritty. Instead, this session will detail practical, realistic steps to cultivate a marketing plan for your individual library. You will get a concise overview of what is important to include in your marketing plan as well as a scathing review of the unnecessary elements.

Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

Libraries provide wonderful services and resources, but often struggle to reach users due to nonexistent marketing budgets. In 2012, Southwest Baptist University Libraries developed strategic marketing initiatives without budgetary support. Designing a new logo, promoting its facilities by hosting special events and providing comfy study spaces, and spreading the word about new resources required the time, expertise, and funds of invested players outside of the library.

Librarians as Guides: Personal Librarian and Research Coach Programs in the Theological Library

For several years, the professional librarians at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary have been doing Personal Librarian and Research Coach programs in order to build relationships with the students and faculty. These programs were designed to help promote the library resources and services in order to decrease library anxiety. In the fall of 2013, the professional librarians at MBTS retooled their Personal Librarian and Research Coach programs. Each student was assigned a Personal Librarian.

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