Get Your Act Together: Creating a Simple, Realistic Library Marketing Plan

Additional Speakers: 

Corrie Dugas, Saint Louis University Law Library, Outreach & Public Services Librarian
Emily Scharf, Webster University, Instruction & Liaison Services Librarian


Marketing professionals spend years in school to learn the proper way to develop a marketing plan. How are library staff supposed to figure it all out in 45 minutes? We won’t delve into the nitty-gritty. Instead, this session will detail practical, realistic steps to cultivate a marketing plan for your individual library. You will get a concise overview of what is important to include in your marketing plan as well as a scathing review of the unnecessary elements. Attendees will work together to determine the best platforms—from the newest social media tools to good old fashioned newsletters—to use for maximum impact. You will get an overview of ways to mine marketing statistics and data, and we will examine the heartbreaking decision to give up, change approach, or start anew with particular platforms. This session is designed not only to acquaint you with marketing plan concepts, but to facilitate the start of a strong, customized marketing plan for each attendee. 


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