Oh Say Can You CCM? Prospects for MOBIUS Cooperative Collection Management


The purpose of the MOBIUS Cooperative Collection Management Task force is to explore and assess various CCM opportunities and issues -- current, near-term, and long-term; raise awareness, evaluate, and make recommendations regarding these CCM opportunities and issues as they pertain to MOBIUS, MOBIUS members, and the user population; report back to the MOBIUS Board and to the MOBIUS Membership about productive, efficient ways by which MOBIUS can expand and accelerate its CCM activities. Examples of types of CCM include the cooperative retention, preservation, and conservation of printed materials, including books, serials, and microforms; scan and print on demand services; regional digital repositories (extrapolating from the current institutional repository model); collaborative assessment of collections and usage across the consortium; and various collaborative efficiencies regarding the processes of acquiring or providing access to needed collections and information materials.

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