Preparing to Flip: Designing Flipped Instruction

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Flipping instruction involves dividing instruction between a face-to-face environment and a virtual environment so that high-value content can be spotlighted in the classroom, and students can gain background at their pace online. This session highlights two tools, and thoughts for merging the two worlds. The functionality of Adobe Presenter and Captivate are discussed as tools for creating online material, and some less expensive alternatives are introduced. As important, this session discusses evaluation criteria for material best suited for the virtual world, the classroom and how they intersect.

Flipped instruction is more than video-recording a lecture.  It involves separating skills needed to complete the assignment from a broader range of proficiencies.  Library locations, general navigation of websites or databases, and use of library services may detract from finding and evaluating information within the context of the specific assignment at hand.  When face time focuses on a specific assignment, students are more aware of a recognized need, and haven’t “heard all this before.”  This section discusses how arranging ubiquitous information online can make working with the students more productive when they visit the library. 


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