Pulp Non-Fiction

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Ann Campion Riley, Associate Director for Access, Collections, and Technical Services, MU Libraries


In an ideal world leaders plan for change, but in the real world we are often forced to react to changes imposed upon us.  In Fall 2013, librarians at the University of Missouri realized that their secondary off-site storage facility, holding 600,000 volumes, was infested by mold.  We knew immediately that remediating and keeping all of the materials would be unrealistically expensive.  At the same time, the magnitude of what could be involved in making decisions about what to keep felt overwhelming.  The list of issues to resolve seemed to grow exponentially each day and so did the list of stakeholders.  Perhaps the toughest issue has been the emotions involved, whether anger, frustration, feelings of loss, or quiet resignation.  Ann Riley and Jeannette Pierce, both Associate Directors at MU Libraries, will share their experience with the mold crisis and talk about some potential positives that have stemmed from dealing crisis.

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