[Keynote] Sierra after the Migration: You're Not Done Yet


Susan DiRenzo Ashby: After Sierra Migration - Your not done from MOBIUS Libraries on Vimeo.

So your library migrated to Sierra. Planning and preparation is long over. Migration day has come and gone. The dust has settled and it’s business as usual in the library. Great – but don’t stop there. Has your library taken advantage of all that Sierra has to offer – customizations, SQL queries, APIs? Are there other benefits to migrating to Sierra that your library hasn’t realized or considered – the potential for staff engagement and empowerment, opportunities for collaboration, possible service improvements? During her talk, Susan DiRenzo Ashby will describe how The University of Akron capitalized on their experience as Sierra Development Partners and has keep the post-migration momentum going for over two years by taking advantage of these and other benefits associated with migrating to Sierra.


Susan DiRenzo Ashby, Associate Professor of Bibliography, is the Coordinator of Library Systems for University Libraries at The University of Akron. She received her BA from Cleveland State University and her MLS from the University of Pittsburgh. Susan has been a librarian, III System Coordinator, and OhioLINK Lead Implementor for 17 years.  In early 1996 Susan started her professional career as Head of Electronic Resources at the College of Mount Saint Joseph in Cincinnati, Ohio. In late 1998 she took a position at The University of Akron. In addition to her position of Coordinator of Library Systems or Systems Coordinator as it was called back in the day, Susan served as Interim Head of Cataloging from 2007 to 2011.  Doing so made her a better systems librarian and taught her more about MARC  21 than she ever expected to know.  In June 2011, The University of Akron signed on as a Sierra Development Partner. Susan was appointed Sierra Development Team Leader and  has been talking and presenting about Sierra ever since.


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