Titles Matching Fast: Instant E-book Analysis from Down Under

Additional Speakers: 

Gregg Travis, Ebook Consultant, ProQuest


Mobius Annual Conference 2014 Session Proposal 

EBL & ebrary

Friday, March 7, 2014


Presenters: Mark Hyer, Director of E-books and Gregg Travis, E-books Consultant

Title: Titles Matching Fast: Instant E-book Analysis from Down Under

Track: Collections: Development, Management, and Access

Keywords: space reclamation, e-books, electronic resources, collection assessment, time savings, weeding, Australia

Learning objectives: Participants will learn about exclusive, new technology with regard to e-books, and learn how to support their library’s efforts to reclaim space while saving in budget and time to support larger projects.

Proposal details/topics:

I.     Introduction/setting the stage for Titles Matching Fast by Mark Hyer

a.     Introduction to the existing pain points around print book weeding and electronic selections discovered in Australia

b.     Background on how and why technology was developed

c.     Mini-case study from Australia

d.     Transporting and translating the technology for US Academics

II.   Mark Hyer will share his experience consulting with consortia to show cost and space savings and build e-book strategies

III.   Gregg Travis will share his experience consulting with individual libraries to show cost and space savings and build e-book strategies

IV.   Gregg Travis will share with you the easy steps to get started at an individual institution level or a group or consortia level.

IV.          Q&A


Statement of uniqueness: Unique in-house monograph assessment service that helps libraries make informed decisions about how to move from print to digital books and to demonstrate the library’s increased return on investment in times of shrinking acquisition budget. This technology developed in Australia is exclusive to ebrary and EBL, and will mark the first presentation to discuss its valuable results for customers. 



Libraries are long familiar with the challenge of balancing limited space and/or budget while providing students with the necessary materials they need to succeed. On top of that libraries are tasked to prove that the strategy and programs put in place at your library are effective to key stakeholders. Electronic content and especially ebooks are a natural vehicle to promote patron access and stretch budget. This session will explore the "Titles Matching Fast" service – moving into completely electronic resources – and show libraries a unique way to assess print and electronic book holdings, and develop a tailored digital strategy with vast cost savings scenarios. Mark Hyer, Director of E-books, and Gregg Travis, E-book Consultant, will detail their experience consulting with ebrary and EBL to move forward their e-book strategy. 

E-books are natural vehicles to promote patron access and stretch budget. Join this session and learn about consulting with ebrary and EBL to assess p and e monographs and develop a tailored ebook strategy to see the greatest ROI. This innovative service was developed in Australia and carefully cultivated and customized for the US market.

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